Dr. Richard Homburg has a 45-year track record as an entrepreneur, business and team builder. Since he created his first company in 1969, he has become a highly respected leader in real estate markets through the acquisition and development of high quality assets in Canada, the United States and Europe. Watching the rise and fall of business, especially in Atlantic Canada, has give Richard Homburg a keen insight into the financial markets in Canada and abroad. Richard Homburg is a man who finishes what he starts.

With interests as varied as Aviation, Real Estate Development, Safaris, Rare Collections, such as first money - Ming Dynasty era currency on birch bark - for example, his story is as fast paced as his rapid fire way of speaking, and it sears it's way into your mind, leaving you inspired.

Richard Homburg started his career in the Import/Export business, reinvesting the profits into real estate, principally in Nova Scotia, Canada. Shortly after, he expanded his real estate operations across Canada, the United States and the Netherlands. As his real estate portfolio grew, Homburg surrounded himself with a talented management team with experience in both North American and European markets. He has also diversified the Company's operations to offer a wide range of financial and management services to institutional investors.

Dr. Homburg loves watches and is one of the keenest collectors of exclusive watches with mechanical movements. He has a unique collection of rare watches with the emphasis on tourbillon models. He is also fondly interested in classical mopeds.

A firm believer that health and wellness is key to all success, it is no surprise that Dr. Homburg directs resources and his vision towards the support of students, the motivation of our would-be entrepreneurs, and the development of Saint Mary's University's state-of-the-art health and wellness facility.

Dr. Homburg has served on several boards, including the Investment Property Owners of Nova Scotia, the Evangeline Trust and the World Trade Center in Eindhoven (Netherlands). He has also served as director and advisory board member for large charitable organizations worldwide. Richard Homburg was named 2004 Entrepreneur of the year for the Atlantic region by Ernst & Young. He has also received honorary doctorates from St. Mary's University (Commerce) and the University of Prince Edward Island (Law).

Richard Homburg

“Think big. Change is good. Only ambitious targets can give us ambitious results.”